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Michigan Trip '09



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7/22/09, Getting Ready to Pull Out

7/23/09, On the Way to Michigan

7/24/09, Rags to Riches, A Horseís Tale

7/25, 7/26/09, Ice Cream Social to a Day Off

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7/27/09, Long, Sunny Day

7/28/09, Nice Farm Supply Stores

7/29/09, A Day of Back Roads

7/30/09, Northern Indiana Amish Country

8/1/09,  Shipshewana, IN and Sturgis, MI

8/2/09,  Farms, Great Places to Stop

8/3/09, Nice Short Day

8/4/09,  Battle Creek, MI

8/5/09,  Nice Run Up Route 66

8/6/09, At My Cousin Timís Place

8/7/09,  The Road to Jakeís

8/9/09,  Jake Sheaffer, Percheron Horse Breeder

8/10/09, Aimless Wandering - Day One

8/11/09, A Very Aimless Day

8/12/09, Wandering into a Lap of Plenty

8/13/09, Did You Happen to See the News?

8/15/09, Back at the McDonald Centennial Farm

8/16/09, Bonus -  One Year on the Road

8/19/09, Back At the Farm

8/21/09, Family Onboard the Wagon

8/22/09, Campfires and Good Grazing

8/24/09, Belgian Gardens

8/25/09, The Lads, Bringing Smiles

8/26/09, Roads With Scary Spray

8/28/09, Messy Day to a Bar

8/29/09, Camping With The Amish

8/30/09, A Visit From Doc

8/31/09, Pasturing Alongside the Blue River

9/1/09,  South Through Huntington

9/2 & 9/3/09,  Treking Through Some Nice Places

9/5/09, Oh, Those Wonderful Days

9/6/09, Home Again