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8/26/09, Athens, MI - After a day of ups and downs, weíre once more settled in at the Yoder farm, south of Athens.

The day started of with a downpour and it continued to rain for most of the day. After making our way southward on some back roads, we cut over to M-66 and started running down the highway.  Between the rain masking the sound of the approaching cars and the splash from vehicles going by, the team didnít like it one bit. They were both real spooky, especially Bob.  It didnít seem like safe travel, so we took the first opportunity to get off the highway and return to the back roads. This resulted in a big detour (an additional 3 miles) but time isnít really an issue, so it was no big deal.

Through the heaviest of the downpours, i pulled up under a big maple tree for about 45 minutes.  Lunch was at the edge of a soybean field on a gravel road.  After running down back roads for several miles, we pulled back on to M60 for about 5 miles. The rain had quit, and the only challenge to overcome was an operating well drill (moderately scary). At the corner of M-60 and M-66, we met two different car loads of folks that have been long time followers of the blog. One fellow was 93 and had farmed with horses in his youth.

Weíre now back at the Mathew Yoder farm and settled in comfortably.  Tomorrow, we continue southward, but Iím going to take every opportunity to travel down back roads.

The wagon north of Battle Creek

Photo Courtesy Stephanie Halbert