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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Wandering into a Lap of Plenty


8/12/09, Mt. Pleasant, MI - A day of wandering ended nicely with an evening of plenty.  It was about 7:45 before I pulled out of Dawn and Timís farm, It was a great place to stay and we all left a little fatter.

I started off driving west, then drove north for a while, then changed my mind and started driving Northeast.  Since I was so close to the Amish community up in Clare, MI, I decided to actually aim my wanderlust for a day (imagine that).  It will be a good time to get some supplies.  I need a new yoke for the wagon tongue. Itís also time for a trip to a nice butcher shop with some grain fed meat (Clementine really likes her meat graded Prime, not Choice or Select - picky dog.)

The trip today was completely on back roads. I chatted with a potato farmer about his crop - too much rain. The vines were starting to get a little rot in them, but the spuds were still good. I also talked with a woman and her daughter on a another gravel road who really appreciated seeing the wagon. She said it had been eight or nine years since a horse drawn wagon had come down the road.  When you compare her with some city folks Iíve seen (Who were too busy to do more then glance at us) itís quite a contrast. Gee I wonder whoís enjoying their life more?

We traveled up the west side of the city of Mt. Pleasant.  Tonight weíre camped at the farm of a very nice family on the Northwest side of the city.   In the picture below, you can see that civilization is encroaching. You can also see that the horses and I arenít really living a Spartan existence. I had my steak and potatoes out on the porch while they were munching their foot high alfalfa and orchard grass pasture. The farmerís two daughters have a pony.  He needed his feet trimmed, so I took a few minutes and did that before supper.

Tomorrow, weíre off for the Amish settlement near Clare, MI - about a 15 or 20 mile drive. Somehow I think tomorrow is going to be a great day!