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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Horse Talk
8-3-08 Doc 030


Here’s some thoughts that are probably passing telepathically between the horses from time to time:


1. Dolly to Doc, when pulling down the road. She reaches over and gives him a little peck on the neck and says, “Hey Docky Baby, you want to pull for me too.”  He replies, “Okie-dokie”

2. Joyce, to the others when pulling up a steep hill, “I’m Arnold Schwarten-horse, the Robo-puller - no hill’s too tough”.

3. Deedee, after expelling a little too much gas, “I may have big feet and a minor problem with gas, but I’m still a lady.”

4. Doc, when seeing an open gate to a field full of tall grass, “Oh boy, I am excited.”

5. Doc, when he spontaneously make a beeline for a drive way at 3:45 in the afternoon, “This looks like a good place to spend the night.”

6. Deedee, after falling asleep while she’s walking in harness, and bouncing awake when she stubs her toe, “Where am I, what day is this, what’s going on?”

7. Dolly, “Ain’t I pretty? - I’m a movie star, you know.”

8. Joyce, when she bobs here head up and down when I try to tighten the hames strap around her collar, “I’m allowed to have annoying quirks - because, baby I can pull!”

9. Dolly, when she tries to mimic Joyce’s annoying habit, “If she can do it, I can too.”

10. Doc, when pulling the wagon all by himself when he’s burning through his oats in the morning, “Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s off to work I go.

11.  Doc, one hour later when he spontaneously makes a beeline for some gravel on the side of the road, “Breaaaaak Time! I’m the boss hoss and I’m the one that says when it’s break time - Breaaaak Time!”

12.  Dolly, “Don’t I have a long, beautiful flowing mane?”

13.  Deedee to Dolly, “Enough already!”

14.  Joyce, “Can we get the show on the road?”

15.  All four, when I start to unhitch them at the end of the day, “aaaaaaah”.