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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
South Through Huntington


9-1-09, Huntington, IN - It was another late departure this morning. I had to put new shoes on Bob’s front feet, as one was just about gone. By the time we got on the road it was about 8:45 am.   The lads didn’t have their normal pep when we started. For the first hour they were dragging their feet.  I usually count on the extra boost of sugar from the oats to get us going in the morning, but due to the late start, it was all gone.

Most of the day was spent moving through quiet back roads. It wasn’t until we got to the city of Huntington that we ran into any traffic. As it was then rush hour, we stuck to back streets to minimize the number of cars that were being delayed.  I don’t think we ticked off too many drivers.

We’re once more camped at Dave’s farm, about 3 miles southeast of Huntington.  The horses have plenty of graze and are taking advantage of it. Tonight, I had to do a couple of wagon repairs.  First I installed the new fence charger that I bought at Tractor Supply. Then, Dave helped me Jack up the rear of the wagon to position the spring assembly back under the frame. This must have popped out when we had our little run down the ditch a few days ago.

Tomorrow morning I have to tighten up Bill’s rear shoes. As he is still a little “kicky” with his rear feet, I have to take this job nice and slow to get him settled down. Then, we’ll drive down US-224 to the town of Markle. From there, it will be mostly back roads until we get to Montpilier, are destination tomorrow night.

Bob & the Boys in Athens MI

Photo Courtesy Lisa Halbert

The lads and I at the Yoder farm in Athens, MI