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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
A Day of Back Roads


7/29/09, Wilmot, IN - To avoid traffic, we stayed on the county roads today. Were currently about 4 miles south of Wilmot (still on a back road).  Not long after we started out we were traveling alongside a railroad track and had a large train passed us about 20 feet away.  Even though they have heard trains passing a little farther away, the boys thought this was scary. They had to break into a lope for about a mile.  I think 9/10s of the issue was the morning oats turning to sugar.  It was an open, empty road so I let them go (its better to make miles with the oats, then have Bill waste them bouncing up and down).

Most of the rest of the day was through some rolling hills that were pretty, but a fairly hard pull. What little traffic there was today, waved, but went on by.

Tonight were camped at Leroy Rapps place and its about a mile until we rejoin route 5.  Leroy is a heck of a nice guy and has us set up real good.

The Lads thought this was a favorable lunch location (hmm, I wonder why?)

7-29-09 003

They kind of like the overnight location too!

7-29-09 006