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The Teamster


My name is Bob Skelding. Iím single, 52 years old and have two wonderful kids.  Daniel is now 27 years old and lives in Concord, NH.  Heís also the father of my two year old grandson, Aiden  Lisa is 26 years old and currently works as an Analyst in the Washington, DC area.


Before I started Journeying, I was employed as an Electrical Maintenance Instructor at a nuclear power plant. I had a small hobby farm in New Hampshire where I had horses, sheep, chickens and the occasional cow or pigs.  I usually planted about 2 acres of vegetables a year, most of which I sold on a small self-service vegetable stand.  I made my own hay and had quite a bit left over to sell.

I was born and raised in Michigan. I joined the army at seventeen, and served as an infantry team leader in Berlin, Germany.  When I got out of the army I got a degree in electronics and went to work in a nuclear plant as an Instrumentation Technician.  In 30 years of work in the nuclear field, I also held positions as a supervisor, procedure writer, I&C Instructor and as an Electrical Instructor.  During my career Iíve worked in Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, Nebraska and New Hampshire.

Between wagon trips I work as a consultant in the Nuclear Power field. When not journeying, I live on a ranch in La Garita, Colorado, tucked into the eastern foothills of the San Juan Mountains. Much of my free time in Colorado I spend fishing, going for shorter wagon rides or horse packing in the mountains.

My family lives all over the U.S.  Mom and dad live in Michigan, my brother Jim lives in Texas, my sister Cathy lives in North Carolina, my sister Debbie lives in Wisconsin and my sister Sue lives in Michigan.  In spite of the distance we stay close and reunite whenever we can. Iíve got several really good friends, guys I can count on, and they can count on me.

I value non-tangible things and I like people for who they are and not for what they have.