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At My Cousin Tim's Place



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8/6/09, Ionia, MI - Another banner day!  Madison, the niece of my host Jim, showed up as I was ready to leave and I let her drive the team down the road to her grandmothers.  Madison drove with a nice hand that the lads really enjoyed.  It seems that women and kids only apply the amount of pressure on the bits needed to control the horses and they respond well to it.  Often, men have a tendency to be too heavy handed.  Good job Madison.

Just after lunch I met up with my dad and his lady friend Lil from Grand Rapids.  It was a great reunion. My dad joined me for a while on the wagon.

Iím now at my cousin Tim Marshallís place in Ionia.  Tim and his wife have quite a herd of horses.  He does an exceptional job training them. The pictures to the right show a 3 year old Percheron gelding that he has trained and was showing to a potential buyer. The pictures speak for themselves, You can see this young horse going through an obstacle course, pulling a heavy load and driving single ahead of a cart. This horse was really dialed in and was instantly obeying all voice and line commands. To have a horse this young going so well on a soft voice and light line was very impressive and says a lot for the training heís received.

Tomorrow morning, Iím going to reshoe Bill while Tim shows another horse. Later, weíre going to hitch the lads and drive them over to my granddadís in Muir.

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