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7/24/09, Albany, IN - Iíve often written on how a day can start off less then good and then take a dramatic turn for the better.  Well the same is true for the horses.

They started the 25 mile trek today on some fairly busy two lane.  After lunch, there was an invasion of the common horse fly (the ladís most dire enemy). These little creatures are 80% teeth and 20% wing.  This afternoon they started showing up in droves, sometimes as many as two dozen on a horse at any one time. Fly spray helped, but it wasnít perfect. For the horses, the day was spiraling downhill fast!

Then, whamo, chango, everything took a turn for the better.  First the horse flies disappeared. Then the trek was over. Finally there was plenty of sweet water and an enclosure full of clover, alfalfa and daisies that tickled their bellies.  I ask you this, ďDoes life get any better (for a horse, of course?)Ē

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I had a lot better day then the horses.  I pulled out at 7:15 am and headed north up route 1 and some parallel back roads.  Denver Durham, from Winchester, IN road along for the day and was good company.  We put in a lot of miles, saw some nice country and met some interesting people. Tonight, Iím staying with some great folks that have really rolled out the welcome wagon. Life on the wagon is not always a bed of alfalfa - sometimes you have to eat the clover too,  Darn the luck!

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