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Back at the McDonald Centennial Farm

8/15/09, Mt. Pleasant, MI. Weíre back at the wonderful McDonald Farm here on the Northwest side of Mt. Pleasant.

I took yesterday off to give the team a rest and a chance for Billís foot to improve. Yesterday, I pared down his hoof some and re-shod him with a pad to protect his foot. He immediately felt a lot better. By the end of the day I couldnít see him favoring it at all.  The picture to the right shows the pad and also the shoes I use. They have drilltex applied on the heels and toe to give them a long life on the asphalt. The drilltex on these shoes was put on at Graber steel in Odon, IN.  Nick Graber has a process that applies the drilltex with an electric wire welder. This works somewhat better then the standard process of brazing it on. Without the drilltex, I would go through a set of shoes every four days.  With it, the shoes last for six weeks, then I can reuse them for at least one reset.

We pulled out this morning at 7:30 am. A nice Amish fellow (Mose) stopped to chat with us twice in Clare,  We also stopped at the supermarket to grab some groceries. I was surprised there werenít any hitching post, so I used a lamp post.

Billís foot was acting fine and stayed sound the whole day.  Later in the day he felt so good he started bouncing again.  I think Bill has A.D.D. and for him a walk is a little to sedate.

The town of Rosebush was about 10 miles to the south and we pulled over for grain, water and later for lunch.  This young fellow got a chance to meet Bob and Bill.

Once more, weíre spending the night as guests at the McDonald Farm.  Bill was kind enough to give Nichole and Elisa a ride.  Gary cooked up some good burgers and topped it off with some really fresh sweet corn,

This was a really super day!


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