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Note - As of 12/21/12, the only wagon travelers that are moving now and can be tracked on the internet are Chuck and Mary Reagan & Lee the Horselogger. Bernie Harberts has just returned from a Mule-drawn wagon trip in the Canadian Maritime.

The Wagonteamster Channel has it’s first video production - Journey To the Valley Of the Wild Horses

Wagon Travelers

Dolly_Head_PA_1 - describes the adventures of Bernie Harberts - Bernie is a fellow adventurer, writer and documentary film producer. He has spent the past 12 years sailing a boat solo around the world, traveling muleback across the USA (East to West) and crossing the US from North to South, while following the ancient inland sea with a wagon pulled by a mule named “Polly”. In 2011 he had an adventure in Tasmania.  In November of 2012, he finished a wagon adventure with his mule Polly, pulling a new wagon in the Canadian Province of Newfoundland.

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Please Read my Guestbook Lee (the horselogger) is a long time wagon traveler in the United States.  The site chronicles Lee’s travels from Montana to Boston in 2006/2007, his travels to California; and now back to the east coast. Lee’s wagon is pulled by three Suffolk Punch horses. As of 4/12 he was in Western Oklahoma.  Use the guestbook or facebook to track his travels. are the adventures of Chuck and Mary Reagan, traveling across the U.S. in a mule drawn wagon. is the site for Ron (Dakotah), who is undoubtedly, the longest standing, and widest traveled teamster of modern time. In more then 25 years, Dakotah has driven a wagon and team of horses more then 55,000 miles - mostly in the American West.  Ron has now settled in Bandera, TX. describes and has links to several other wagon travellers.

Draft Horses and Draft Horse Farming The Small Farmers Journal is a quarterly magazine that is probably the best publication you can get if you are interested in farming with or just working with draft horses. Very good online resource for draft horses and draft horse farming. This site has a very good Link page to draft horse related websites. - Farmer Brown’s Plow Shop - A good place to go horse farming equipment. Jim also runs plowing clinics. is the blog for Tim Adams.  Tim shows and discusses some of the trials and tribulations of working with draft horses.  This is a good site.

Other Sites of Interest - This is my sister Cathy’s website for Auctioneering and Appraisal Services - When Cathy does something, she does it right! - is a great interactive website, set up by Cary Ellis and Randall Davis that combines some of the best features of several other sites, including facebook and on line publishing sites.  It’s a very friendly ‘green’ website.