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Shipshewana, IN and Sturgis, MI


8/1/09, Sturgis, MI - The boys were hitched and traveling by 7 am. They were feeling their oats and we made the ten miles to Shipshewana in about two hours.  First we stopped at Yoder’s Butcher and Cheese shop for some meat and cheese.  Then I hitched them up and drove down to Yoder’s department store. Yoder’s had a couple of open places at the hitching rail, so I tied them up next to some buggies while I went inside. Bob is proudly modeling our purchase; a couple of pairs of new overhauls for my granddad. Shipshewana is a tourist town that is right full of shops and antique stores (and traffic).

8-1-09 001

Leaving town, we traveled through some beautiful countryside.  The first picture shows an unusual site, a field full of shocked oats.  Now a days, most grain, even in Amish country, is combined.  I once hand-scythed and shocked an acre of oats. I hope it didn’t take this farmer as long as it took me.

The second picture is of three nice Belgian mares and their colts, standing next to the road. Belgians appear to be the most common draft horse with the Amish and can be seen at most farms.  A common misconception is that most Amish are farmers. Actually, only about 10% of Amish folk make all or most of their living from the farm.  This compares to about 3% of “English” people.

About 3:30 pm we crossed into Michigan on Route 66 and entered the town of Sturgis. We’re currently camped behind the Applebees restaurant.  The folks here at Applebees have been great and made sure we have both water and power. The horses have some nice grass in their little electric wire playpen.

This was a really nice day, full of nice places and people.  Tomorrow, we’re headed north up route 66.

8-1-09 003
8-1-09 006
8-1-09 007