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7/28/09, South Whitley, IN.  The boys and I put in 20 miles today and passed through the city of Huntington and settled in the town of South Whitley. Huntington is a fairly large sized town (about 4 miles across) and took a little bit more than an hour to move.  An interesting fact - itís also home to the Dan Quayle museum.  I normally donít visit museums while I leave my team hitched outside, and fortunately this was no exception. A visit to the museum for the dynamic vice president of George Bush Sr. could easily result is an early morning nap. I donít think the team would stand that long at the curb.

Just before I left Huntington, I stopped at the Orscheln Farm Supply store to pick up some grain.  The manager, Julie, insisted that the store donate the grain as well as a couple of jugs of fly spray. Julie and the staff were fantastic and I would like to extend a big - thank you!

Tonight, weíre camped at the grain mill in South Whitley,  The guys at the mill were great and the horses are on some good graze.

Tomorrow, weíre going to continue up route 5 towards the town of Shipshewanna.

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