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Nice Run Up Route 66



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8/5/09, Woodbury, MI - This was one of those really great days of driving. With regret, we left my gracious hosts and drove a couple of miles over a gravel road back to route 66. 

Once on the main road, there was a good shoulder until the town of Nashville. However, I could do without the rumble strips. I’m sure they save lives, but they can make driving a wagon difficult. A couple of miles south of Nashville, I stopped at the Moosville dairy bar for lunch. While I watered and grained the team, I chatted with a nice guy that drives his quarter horses both single and double.  I’ve now met several people that drive riding horses and get a lot of pleasure out of it.

After putting away a couple of chili dogs, I met Judi, who had been following the blog, and drove out to hoping to meet us. She brought a really nice 100 pound sack of grain, which the horses enjoy a lot.  I talked Judi into riding along for the afternoon after convincing her that there’s always someone at the end of the day that would drive her back to her truck (and of course, there was.)  It was nice to have someone to chat with. The horses are patient listeners, but I fear they’re getting tired of the same old stories.

Tonight we’re camped at a farm about 3 miles south of the burg of Woodbury, off the main road. My hosts are terrific and made sure there we have everything we need. 

Tomorrow, I should have no problem making my cousin Tim’s place, about 3 miles north of I-96. Friday, Tim and I plan on driving together the 15 or 20 miles to my granddads farm (north of Muir).

What a great day!

8-5-09 001

Lunch at the Moosville Dairy Bar

8-5-09 002

With no Grand Ole Opry, this must be Nashville, MI

8-5-09 003

An icon of yesteryear.

8-5-09 004

My host’s niece looks on as the lads munch their second growth hay against a background of harvested wheat on gently rolling hills. If you ask them they say, “Who’s spoiled?, not us”.