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8/24/09, Pennfield, MI - Yesterday was a really great day of rest, followed by a fine travel day.

8/23 - It was a late wake up call after the merry bonfire of the previous night.  I didnít roll out of the sack until about 9 am.  The grazing was good so I figured there was sufficient reason to declare a traveling holiday. It was really easy to come to this decision, as I didnít have to call a meeting of the corporate board or worry about the affect a day off would have on shareholder confidence.

I had visitors much of the day.  A nice fellow and his grandson came by to chat and donated a nice sack of grain. Later, Denise and Sally stopped by to visit and brought all sorts of gifts.  Denise has been following the blog since day one and was excited to meet the team and I.

It was a nice evening, so I harnessed up the guys on their day off (mean teamster) and took a crew out for a 5 mile spin down the road. My hostís niece Madison, and Denise both got a chance to drive. I had an opportunity to kick back and enjoy myself. This was a really great day

8/24 - This morning, both Madison and her brother Mason joined me for the first half of the day - it was nice having them aboard.  Traffic was fairly light and not too nuts, so it wasnít a bad drive down M-66.

Tonight Iím camped at a nice little nursery farm.  The owner has five daughters who all like horses. Bob and Bill have had plenty of opportunities to munch some apples.

Tomorrow, Iím passing through the city of Battle Creek on our way south.


8-24-09 003

Denise, handling the lines like a pro.

8-24-09 006

Gang of pirates aboard the Biscuit Wagon Ship.

8-24-09 007

Madison driving the team (very competently)

8-24-09 011

Bob and Bill in a nice tranquil setting.