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A Very Aimless Day



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8/11/09, Riverdale, MI - Today, I started out going in one direction, then at the drop of a hat went a completely different way.

During the morning hours, we drove steadily north, winding our way down deserted roads.  Lunch was spent in downtown Alma, MI. After lunch, I started north once again.  I got almost out of town and met the folks shown in the middle photo. I was invited over for a cook out and a place to stay (by Dawn - front right of photo).  So, we retraced about 3 miles of our route, then proceeded about 9 miles due west (thatís pretty aimless).

A couple of miles out of town on the westward road, Bob saw something scary and decided he needed to get out of there quick.  Bill was right there with him.  Right after they started running, there was ongoing traffic, so I elected to steer them more towards the side of the road.  Unfortunately, we flattened a mailbox.  (So if you live a couple of miles west of Alma and somebody knocked over your mailbox - Sorry about that, Iíll make it up to you when I come back through.) By the time we could have got turned around, we were over a mile down the road.  (I didnít know it, but the snap for Bobís left driving line was caught in his halter - oops.)

Weíre staying the night with some really nice folks in Riverdale (Tim and Dawn). I really didnít go ten miles out of my way for a good barbecue. You have to be headed somewhere to actually take a detour. 

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