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Northern Indiana Amish Country



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7/30/09, Topeka, IN - Weíre currently camped at Dennyís place about 2 miles north of the town of Topeka.

It was a nice travel day, full of interesting people and places. Several folks stopped to talk, including Millie who accepted a ride back to her house, about a quarter mile up the road. 

We had lunch at the home of Roger, a Korean War Veteran and collector of Abraham Lincoln Photos and Portraits.It was a real nice lunch and Roger was a very interesting guy.

In the city of Ligonier, we stopped at the supermarket to get groceries.  As this is the beginning of Amish country, the store had a nice set of hitching posts (now thatís convenient.)

We continued up State Route 5 until we go to the turn off for the town of Topeka.  This is a very nice town that is approximately 50% Amish.  Itís nice to see the buggy horses out in paddocks right in the middle of the city.

The traffic on the road weíre camped on is about 50% buggy traffic.  The next two shots are views out the open front door and back window while I was eating supper. Unlike many Amish communities, this one allows their members to ride bicycles.  Itís nice to see whole families biking down the road together.

After dinner, I had to tighten up Billís rear shoes. Bill has a kicking reflex with his hind feet, so I tried to tranquilize him. The only thing Bill hates worse in this life then Llamas is needles. Heís wise to me now and wasnít going to allow nobody to stick him. After a little training session with the stud chain, I found I could pick his rear feet up in the forward direction. By pushing on the accupressure point on the front of the coronet band, I was able to calm him sufficiently enough to move the foot backward so I could work on it, and I put a couple of nails in each shoe to tighten them up. In a nutshell - Bill can be a pain in the butt. He has his idiosyncrasies, but if I work with him in the right way, he gives me 110% all day.

We put in 25 miles today and itís only about 10 miles to Shipshewana.  Iím hoping to make a short day of it tomorrow.  I have to stop at Yoderís department store and pick up some bib overalls for my granddad.  According to him, they are the only one that carries his size. He out to know; by the time anyone is 97 years old they should know where to buy their drawers!


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