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Pasturing  Alongside the Blue River


8/31/09, Columbia City, IN - Tonight, the lads have a tranquil setting for their evening graze. We only put in 21 miles today, but they were pretty pooped by the time we pulled in for the night.

It was hard pulling out of the Kirkpatrick’s this morning. Not only were they wonderful hosts, but I was a little lazy and had a second cup of coffee before i got out of bed.  The nice thing about being in a small wagon is that I don’t have to get out of the sack to turn on the coffee machine or pour myself a cup.  It was 8:40 am before the wheels finally started rolling.

What’s also really great on the wagon is the casual pace.  In the course of the day, I stopped and talked to a dozen or two people. How often do you do

8-31-09 009

that when you’re tooling down the road in your car?  A great advantage of 19th century travel is that you also adopt the social customs that our great-grandparents had when they drove down the road.

The day was a mixture of country roads and small towns.  The weather was sunny, but cool, the roads were flat and the people were friendly.  All I needed to make the day perfect was a visit by the Swedish Bikini Team. I stopped at Tractor Supply Co, in Columbia city for an electric fence controller (mine quit working a couple of days ago). I was going to buy some grain, but Lauren left me with a couple of sacks of oats and Becky dropped me off one off this morning - thank you!

Tonight we’re camped just south of Columbia City with some great folks on the bank of the Blue River.  The horses are so happy grazing along the river bank they haven’t been up for their evening grain.

The GPS says it’s only 100 miles back to Bentonville and the barngalo. In about a week we’ll be pulling in for a long deserved rest.  By then the lads we’ll have traveled over 1050 miles in 2 1/2 months (there are people that don’t do that in a car.)  I plan on taking a couple of months off to give them a rest and finish writing and publishing a couple of books: “Wagonteamster” (a book on the first trip) and “It Takes a Team”. After that I’ll be ready to hitch and head south for the winter.

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