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Back At the Farm



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8/19/09, Muir, MI - We spent the day of Monday the 17th traveling from Riverdale to Jakeís Farm here in Muir. It was a long 25 mile day, but once the horses got within a couple of miles, they new they were headed here and picked up the pace. We met a lot of nice people throughout the day.  Lunch was at a grocery store parking lot in the town of Crystal.  We pulled into the farm at 5 pm.  Bob and Bill had covered a lot of miles in the past 8 days and were glad to be back for a few days of R & R. That night, my brother Jim for Texas, my Dad, my nephew Preston, Jake and I all went down for a nice supper at the local diner.

Tuesday, the 18th, I drove a car (yeah, I can still do that) to Grand Rapids to meet up with my brother and his son. We spent the day at Muskegon and Grand Haven state parks on Lake Michigan.  We managed to play in the surf, climb and run down sand dunes, and topped it off with dinner and a few cocktail.

Wednesday, the 19th I plan on laying low here at the farm.

Thursday, is a another family reunion day as my sister Debbie is going to be in from Wisconsin.

Friday the 21st on plan on heading south again.  My brother and nephew are going to join me for the first dayís journey back to my cousin Timís farm in Ionia. I think the current plan is for a family get together lunch at the tavern in Lyons, MI.

Saturday, itís back on our own, headed south.  Weíre going to hit some new places along the way, but weíre also going to visit with some friends I made on the trip north. Iím sure itís going to be a great time.

Sometime around the third week of September, I plan on pulling back into the barngalo in Bentonville.  Iím going to take a few weeks off to finish writing and publishing a couple of books.  About the time that old man winter starts sniffing around, I plan on hitching up and heading south. Iím not exactly sure where yet, but weíll set our sights on someplace warm and see where we end up.