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Campfires and Good Grazing



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8/22/09, Woodbury, MI - After pulling out of my cousin Timís place, the team and I drove 16 miles to the Wickham farm, south of Woodbury.

We pulled out of Timís farm in Ionia at about 8 am.  Before I left, I took a few pictures of some of Timís Percheron draft horses and Percheron cross riding horses that he has for sale.  Tim also does some horse training for folks.  If youíre interested in his horses or want some quality horse training done, feel free to give him a call at (616) 527-7298.

 All day long we were pulling over to chat and take pictures.  About an hour before lunch, I picked up 88 year old ďTedĒ for an hour long ride up to the gas station in Woodland. Ted had farmed with draft horses as a kid and welcomed the opportunity to ride behind the lads for a while.

Around 3:30 pm, Jim Wickham, his niece and nephew pulled us over out on M-66. We followed him back to the farm, 1/2 mile down Davenport road.  The lads are settled in on some really nice alfalfa and grass.

After supper, Jim and his wife Barbara started a campfire and the presence of the wagon made a good excuse for a bunch of folks to come on over a toss down a few beers.  I ended up staying by the fire until the beer was about gone and the wood was burned up. Sometime around 3:30 am I finally hit the hay.

We would have been on the road pretty late this morning (Sunday), so I thought this was a good opportunity for the team to take advantage of the good grazing and have a day of rest - I think we might have kept them up past their bedtime last night.

Monday morning, Weíll be heading south once more.


8-22-09 007

Oh, those late night campfires!

8-22-09a 001

The lads enjoying some good graze here on the Wickham farm

8-22-09 005

Some of Tim Marshallís Percheron and Percheron Crosses

8-22-09 001

A couple of Timís mares with a colt

8-22-09 002

Some of Timís draft cross riding stock