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9/6/09, Bentonville, IN - After being on the road to Michigan for seven straight weeks and covering 750 miles, the lads and I are finally back at the home paddock. For a while the grass is going to taste a little sweeter, the birds will chirp a little louder and the sun will bring a little more warmth.  But, give it a few weeks and the road will be calling.  We’ll long for new places, people, fun and adventure.

Trip #2 was an incredible journey. We covered a lot of ground, met some really terrific folks and have some great memories. But for me it was much more. This journey was my successful attempt to recover from a devastating accident.  I had to not only heal and rebuild, I had to return a semblance of normalcy to a life that had been turned upside down by a poorly driven tanker truck in Mississippi.  In retrospect, I don’t believe things turned out too bad. But, none of this would have been possible without the support of a whole lot of people.  To them, I say “thank you.”

The lads and I are going to spend the next six to eight weeks here at the farm.  They’re going to use the time to eat lots of grass, rest and heal up a couple of sores. I’ll be busy working on getting out a couple of books. After that, it will be time to hit the road once more.  I don’t know where I’m going yet, but since it will be November, the general direction will be south.

This morning we pulled out or Carlin Shank’s farm and headed north for the final 19 miles. This section of route 1 has some great shoulders so travel was nice and easy.  In Hagertown, IN, I turned west a couple of miles in order to travel through a small Amish community in the area.

The lads figured out we were headed home about 6 miles out and started picking up the pace.  Just short of the farm they broke from a trot to a canter, so we pulled into the drive looking like a stage coach pulling into town.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging at least once a week to keep folks up to date as we rest and prepare for trip #3.

I tell you, it would be tough finding a life that beat this one!

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