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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Treking Through Some Nice Places

9/2/09, 9/3/09 - Montpilier & Albany, IN

9/2/09 - We had a long drive from Huntington to Montpilier.  By the time the lads had finally made it to Jim and Donna’s place they had put in a 27 mile day and were pretty tuckered out.  The day was very pleasant, but warned up quite a bit in the afternoon.  About 3 miles before stopping for the night, I had to stop and give them a drink of water. 

Jim and Donna, like always were the perfect hosts. While I was down the street from the pond where the lads were, they knocked down the electric fence. But even a fence that is down is still their home and they were peacefully munching their hay with the fence down around them when I came back from supper.

9/3/09 - On my way into Montpilier this morning, I was pulled over by the chief of police. He issued me a citation that required I attend a complimentary breakfast at the local Lions club.  Always one to keep peace with the long arm of the law, I drove the team over to the Lions club, hitched them to a lamp post and devoured some biscuits and gravy. 

Montpilier is a great town, full of friendly people. They’re celebrating their annual Jamboree this weekend and the streets downtown are full of kid’s  fair rides and booths.  It looks like a great place to take the family.

It was another long drive to the city of Albany. Once again the lads are settled down in a field of alfalfa, living the tough life.  They’ve spent the last six days in a row on the road and have covered about 140 miles.  So, they’re getting a well deserved day off, munching fresh alfalfa before finishing the trek back to the barngalo.

The past couple of days have been great, with a lot of really nice people. Everywhere we go folks have been waving and stopping to chat. These have been the kind of days that really make wagon travel special.


9-3-09 005

Always looking for a new camera angle from the driver’s seat.

9-3-09 006

Camped alongside the pond at Jim and Donna’s

9-3-09 008

Breakfast at the Monpilier Lion’s Club

9-3-09 009

Lamp posts make pretty good hitching rails

9-3-09 013

Morning Glories climbing the cornstalks, one of my favorite sights.