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Farms, Great Places to Stop



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8/2/09, Athens, MI. - It was a nice day with a great place to stop at the end of the day. First, I slept in and didn’t get out of bed until seven o’clock.  We were on the road by eight and it was fairly easy going with a shoulder and light traffic.

One couple drove about 100 miles from Indiana to see if they could find me - they finally did. The horses weren’t out of poop yet and I think they could follow our tracks.

We’re spending the night as guests at the Matthew Yoder farm, about 3 or 4 miles to the southwest of Athens, MI.  Farms are my favorite place to camp for the night and this was is great. I’m always made to feel right at home and those farm wives really know how to cook.  Right now, my belly is so full of Lasagna, fresh baked bread and fresh out-of-the-cow milk, it’s a little difficult to walk.

The Yoders farm about 1600 acres.  The farm is very neat, well equipped and a very cheery place. In addition to the grain crops, they tend a garden and raise some cattle and have laying hens.  All four kids got a ride in the wagon when we went out to make a delivery to mom, who was milking the cows.

The only things better then American farms, are the families that farm them!

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Clementine, hard at work while I drive the team down the road!

8-2-09 005

My team can plow about 2 acres a day with a single bottom plow.  Do you think this little bitty J.D. 8850 can do that?

8-2-09 010

This rough country living is enough to make a horse want to buy a camouflaged halter, get a wild look in their eyes, and go postal!