My Stories

All For a Drink of Water is a true story of how I nearly got killed trying to take a Percheron stallion to water when I was twelve years old. The setting is at my grandfather’s farm in Muir, Michigan.  The year was 1971.

Saving Deedee is a story of how a young percheron mare was trapped and slowly freezing to death in a frozen beaver pond.  This story took place when Deedee was 2 years old, in Deerfield, New Hampshire.

Top Hand Stories:

Top Hand - This is a story I wrote in Indiana just before Christmas. The main character is a saucy cowgirl named Sandy.

For the Love of Buck is the second story based upon the character Sandy.

Weathering the Storm is the third story about the character Sandy. Some of the inspiration for this story came from recent events with myself

That’s How the West Was is the long awaited fourth story in the Top Hand series.

In Cowgirl Up, Sandy faces danger in the Cimarron Mountains.

Liberty Garden is a short article I wrote years ago on how to raise a 1000 pounds of easy to store vegetables on a 40’ x 50’ plot.  In this time when the cost groceries is going through the roof, it might be a good time to get rid of the manicured lawn and put the space to good use!  The types of vegetables I reference in the article are all ones that keep well without refrigeration or canning.

Reflections of a Wandering Man is a short piece on “deep thoughts”.

Like a Steely Eyed Missile is a short article on the techniques I use to follow a dream and remain steadfast in the pursuit of the dream.

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