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On the Way to Michigan

7/23/09, Modoc, IN.  Weíre currently located of route 1, halfway between the towns of Modoc and Hagertown. 

It was great to be back on the road again. Iíll really miss my friends in the area and the comfort of the barngalo, but the lads and I were itching for the road.  So, before 8 am, we were picking them up and laying them down.

The route Iím on now was one I traveled in the other direction last winter.  About 2 hours into our run tomorrow, weíll break into new territory and have the opportunity to meet a whole new batch of friends.


7-23-09 003

Itís amazing how many people I have met on this trip that I can truly call friends.  During the past month, Iíve gotten a pretty good idea. The route I took down to Odon was one I had traveled last winter and was full of people whom I definitely call friends. Then when I got down to Horse Progress Days, there were dozens of my friends, many of them traveling hundreds of miles to get there.  Itís interesting, but with the wagon, Iíve developed a lifetime of close friendships every couple of months.  If they took the time to study it, Iím sure this phenomena would have the Sociologists scratching their heads.

Last December, we had a warm welcome at the Shank farm, so I pulled in for the night.  Carlen and his son Steve have made us real comfortable. Theyíve also given me a couple of new bales of alfalfa to replace some hay I had that was damp - thank you!

Itís about time for a shower and a comfortable bed, so itís time to sign off (no Iím not going to hitch the team and travel down the road while I shower). I have to save some excitement for later in the trip! Goodnight.

7-23-09 004