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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Aimless Wandering - Day One

8/10/09, Sumner, MI. This is the first day of our week and a half long trek to nowhere (and everywhere). Except for a couple miles of M-57, we stayed on back roads the whole day. Our general direction was Northeast, but I didn’t look at the map all day.

There was quite a bit of wildlife this morning.  We drove by two flocks of turkeys, a flock of cranes and two fawns playing in the road.

Somehow, I managed to stumble upon the town of Carson City.  I was about to get some groceries, when I met up with friends from Horse Progress Days. Fred and his wife stopped by to chat and gave me some pictures from the good times down in Odon, IN.

There are a few Amish in the area, so the grocery store had a nice hitching rail, which I took advantage of while I went in for a few things.

I pulled over at an abandoned grain elevator on the north side of town for lunch. Except for a few “Scratchy Bob” induced wagon earthquakes, lunch was uneventful. 

The afternoon drive was real quiet, down mostly gravel roads.  I got off and walked for a while to relieve an achy butt and to wake up.

Tonight we’re settled in on the side of a Fab shop, owned by Matt Saia and his wife.  The horses are bedded down the horse pen they have next to the shop. Tomorrow, I think I’ll head generally north, but I might change my mind as the whim strikes me.  As the internet connection here is really lousy, I’ll have to post this blog sometime tomorrow.


8-10-09 001

Back roads are definitely the way to go when you have no place to be.  In this case, I don’t know if the corn is in the road or the road in the corn?

8-10-09 002

When the butt gets tired, I hop off and drive from a walk. Sorry folks, I got this timed-picture right the first time, so there’s no out-takes.

8-10-09 003

The Tracks of the Aimless Wanderers. Hey with me driving, the horses couldn’t walk a straight line when they were sober.