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Battle Creek, MI


8/4/09, Assyria, MI  - We’re currently about 10 miles north of Battle Creek, comfortably camped at a farm about 2 miles off M-66.

We spent the morning approaching, then skirting around the west edge of the southern side of the city. While I was in civilization, I had to make a few stops.  The first one was at Tractor Supply for some grain.  While I was inside, the lads demonstrated their latest trick - backing up the wagon when they’re suppose to be standing there nice and peaceful like. I parked them out in the middle of nowhere, so it wasn’t a big deal, but I had to come up with a fix.  It must have been a case of monkey see, monkey do, because both of the guys were doing it. At my second stop - the bank, I used the fix - a wheel chock under the tire so they can’t back up.

The later part of the morning we drove through the north end of town.  A lot of inner city kids and adults got to see the horse and a few got to pet them. I love passing out business cards to the little kids so they have a keepsake with a picture of the horses on it. From the looks on people’s faces, I don’t think a horse ever traveled through most of these neighborhoods. 

We stopped for lunch at an auto parts store on the north edge of the city. While I was in getting a brake fitting, Mitch, who worked next door fetched the horses some water.  Mitch then asked me to stop at his parents farm tonight, about 10 miles north of town - Thanks Mitch!

The horse’s have a nice two acre paddock and I have a full belly, thanks to Mitch’s mom. Did I ever mention how much I like home cooked meals on a farm?  Hmm, I wonder what tomorrow is going to bring?

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