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The Team


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The New Team:

My new team consists of a pair of 18 hand Belgian Geldings: Bob and Bill and Doc, my old teammate from the first hitch. You would be hard pressed to find three better horses to pull a wagon. They are willing, strong and kind.

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Bob is the steadier of the two horses, but also has a tendency to be more surprised by unexpected situations.  Bill is more bouncy then Bob, but also tends to be more personal with people. I bought them from Jim Brown of NY.  Jim got them from an Amishman who bought them at a sale in Middlefield, OH Bob and Bill are half brothers, and 13 and 14 years old.

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Doc is nearly 18 hands high and weighs about a ton.  Hes a 12 year old gray Percheron gelding.   He originally came off an Amish farm and had been used in the years before I got him for wagon rides, parades and for pulling at the fairs.

Hes willing, well minded and stands well. In conformation and attitude I cant fault him at all. Hes good in the hold-back, picks up his feet well and has a kind eye.

Doc is undoubtedly the best horse I have ever owned. After the accident in Mississippi, I adopted him out, thinking he would never stay sound pulling a large wagon down the road.  Doc had other ideas.  Before Trip #3, he acted up for his new owner (on purpose - hes a wagon horse through and through). I had to take him back and give him another shot.  I decided to give him a try at pulling the wagon for trip #3. Not only did he overcome tremendous injuries to return as a wagon horse, he is now the strongest member of my team. He is extremely kind and very tolerant of people.  Ive put 5 kids on his back at one time and he acts like hes in seventh heaven.

The Old Team:

Deedee (now deceased) is a registered, 15 year old Percheron mare. Shes very docile and affectionate.  I broke her to drive and ride when she was two years old. She was the easiest horse I ever broke.  When she was two and a half years old she almost died when she was trapped in a frozen beaver pond. Read about her harrowing rescue - Saving Deedee Deedee was bred by my grandpa Jake Sheaffer. Jake is 99 years old and is still breeding horses.  She was named after a waitress at the local diner. Unfortunately, Deedee died, doing what she loved to do in the Mississippi accident on 2/10/09.

Joyce (now retired) is Deedees half sister (they both have the same sire - Smokey). Shes also 15 years old and a registered Percheron. Her mother - Model lived to be 22 years old and had 17 colts. Both Joyce and Model are decedent from a registered mare that Jakes father bought in 1920.  Joyce is a very willing horse, but listens to me well. She was a very difficult horse to break. Shes named after another of the waitresses at the diner in Muir, Michigan. Joyce is currently retired and being used as a saddle horse.

Dolly (now deceased) was a recent addition to my team before I left New Hampshire. At that time, she was 10 years old and very well trained. Shes was not a registered mare, shes what is known as a Grade horse; although she was mostly Percheron. Unfortunately, Dolly also died in the Mississippi wreck.