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A Visit From Doc



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8/30/09, Albion, IN  - This was a really nice day.  We pulled out of the Raber farm at about 7:10 am. Before I left, Eli and I had to exchange a few gifts. I had a great time at the Rabers. 

Our first stop was at the grocery store in the next town.  I needed a bag of ice for the refrigerator.  While I was inside, I unhitched the horses at the hitching rail and gave them each a couple of flakes of hay. Eli gave me a couple of nice bales. The pasture the night before was a little short, so I owed it to them.

Before we crossed US-6 I gave a short ride to a guy that has been following my blog for time.  Lunch was about a mile south of US-6 on the side of the highway.

We’re currently camped with the Kirkpatrick’s on the southern side of Albion.  The lads are comfortably munching the grass in the back yard. The Kirkpatrick’s are wonderful hosts and ensure we’re lacking for nothing.  We called and end to the day at about 2:30 pm.

Shortly after we got here, a bunch of girls from the neighborhood stopped to see the lads and ended up feeding them a few carrots (how’s that for a receiving line?)

This evening, Lauren showed up with my old teammate Doc. It was nice seeing the “Ol Bonehead” (as I use to affectionately call him).  He hasn’t changed a bit. Doc looks very fit and other then a scar on his hind end, you couldn’t tell he had ever been injured.  There’s no evidence at all that he tore the short ligament on his hock.  He still goes head over heals for red roan mares. His new love is “Dolly” (the same name as his old teammate).  She’s a red roan that thinks the world of “old Dockey-Baby”

Before they left, I showed Lauren how to do some real basic behavior reinforcement training that only takes a couple of minutes. Doc responds well to this training and leaves him good as gold for a couple of weeks.What a great day!

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