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The Road to Jake's


8/7/09, Muir, MI This was a really great day! Weíre currently at my granddad Jakeís place in Muir.  My cousin Tim and I pulled out with the wagon about noon.

This morning, I used Timís shoeing stocks to slap some new steel on the bottom of Billís feet. It was kind of nice shoeing him without a fight. And, it didnít knock the wind out of my sails. 

It was a great day for driving.  It stayed fairly cool and the lads were moving along pretty good. For most of the trip I passed the driving hat to Tim and got a chance to relax and enjoy the trip. Our first stop was in the town of Lyons, where we met up with Holly, a reporter for the Ionia newspaper. Holly did a nice interview at the local tavern, while the lads waited patiently outside. We swapped opportunities for pictures outside before she left to make her deadline.

The next stop was the diner at Muir, where we met up with my granddad, Jake Sheaffer and had lunch.  While the restaurant staff was feeding the team some carrots, we took the time to eat a hamburg and fries.  After lunch, I ran across the street for some groceries. If you know Jake, make sure you kid him about changing horse breeds. Ask him if it took 96 years for him to decide that he would rather have Belgians then Percherons.

Iím going to stay out at Jakeís for a couple of days and rest the team.  Theyíve put 290 miles behind them in the past two weeks and can definitely use the rest.  After that, who knows, but I think Iíll travel around Michigan for a couple of weeks and meet some folks and see the sites.

This late being published, as I have very little internet service out at Jakeís farm.

8-7-09 008