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9/4/09 & 9/5/09

9/4/09, Albany, IN - This was a well deserved day off for the team and I.  They had traveled about 140 miles in the previous 6 days and were in need of a little rest.  Once again we stayed at with some good friends and the lads were content with munching on some third growth alfalfa.

My friend Denise stopped by to go riding and we took the lads out for a spin.  As long as they’re not pulling a wagon, they consider this pretty light duty.  All in all it was a very relaxing day.

9/5/09, Modoc, IN - This was a great day with good company, lots of new acquaintances, great weather and nice countryside.  It was a long drive which ended with 27 miles behind us.

The morning started with the lads moving out at a pretty good clip.  Two days on fresh alfalfa will really bring out the zip in a pair of horses. After the first few miles, it was mostly a day of nice quiet back roads.  In spite of this we met a lot of really nice people.

For lunch we were invited to dine at the farm of Clifford and Gloria Coulter.  Clifford is a fellow teamster who has a large sorrel Belgian.  Following a great meal, Clifford rode the next few miles with us and drove a good deal of the trip.

Tonight the lads are again settled in on the farm of my good friend Carlin Shank.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this day was definitely a 10. Tonight, we’re only 19 miles from the barngalo. Sometime in the early afternoon, the lads will sense the close proximity to home and kick it into high gear for the run back to the home graze. All in all the second leg to the second trip was really great! 

9-5-09 001

Denise riding Bob

9-5-09 003

Myself on Bill

9-5-09 009

When you talk your guest into driving, it’s easy to go back and make breakfast.

9-5-09 016

The lads, another perspective

9-5-09 020

Myself with Clifford, driving the team

9-5-09 022

Some young horse lovers

9-5-09 005

Bill, blowing a kiss to all his admirers