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New York


9/10/08, First Day in NY

9/11/08, Whitehall to Kingsbury

9/12/08, Ernie Bessette, Crosscountry Wagon Driver

9/13/08, A Day of Horses and Friends


9/15/08, Saratoga

9/16/08, Horse Ambassadors

9/17/08 A Long, Trying, But Nice Day

9/19/08, Fort Frey

9/20/08, A Day of Rest in Palantine

9/21/08, Good Folks on the Road to Little Falls

9/22/08, Off to the School

9/24/08, Through Utica

9/25/08, Horse Ramblings

9/25, 9/26, 9/27 Generosity in Durhamville

9/29/08, Durhamville Elementary to Lake Oneida

9/30/08, And Now For the News

10/5/08, The Legion

10/6/08, Lots of Miles

10/7/08, Teamsters

10/8/08, Eire Canal

10/9/08, Oh, Those Indian Summer Days

10/11/08, Great Days, One Off, One Traveling

10/12/08, Chestnuts to the City of the Dead

10/13/08, US Route 20

10/14/08, A Visit to School & Halflingers


 10/16/08  A Great Day Off & Day of Flat Tires


10/18/08   Starting Around Buffalo

10/19/08   Stuck, Unstuck and the Sportsbar

10/20/08   South of Buffalo

10/22/08   Down the Coast of Lake Eire

10/23/08   Grapes

10/24/08   Generocity