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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Generosity in Durhamville

9/26 & 9/27  Beth and I enjoyed a couple of really nice days of relaxation in Verona. There was plenty of good food, some harness racing (Beth was the big winner (she left with $1.40 more than she came with) and horseback riding.  I also signed a purchase and sales agreement on the house in Deerfield - yeah!


Our relaxing weekend ended all too soon and it was back to my strenuous (ha ha) occupation as a teamster.  Beth headed back to New Hampshire around 6:30 am and I hitched up and was on the road by 11 am.  Before I left I was invited by the ďladies of the barnĒ for some coffee and pastry.  I would like to thank Jim, his wife, daughter and all the others for their hospitality.

I pulled out with Karen and Dora as riders for the day.  After talking to some of the locals in the know, I decided to take route 31, that runs to the north of Syracuse instead of route 20 to the south (route 31 is a flat route). We had a great run in the morning and stopped for sandwiches and wine around 1 pm. At lunch, I met Neal from Durhamville, who invited me to camp at his place, about a mile off the highway.

Dora and Karen left shortly before I got to Nealís place.  They were great company and fun to talk to.

Neal and several friends greeted me at his place.  Due to their overwhelming generosity, they provided me with dinner, 300 pounds of oats and several bales of hay.  A reporter for the Oneida paper interviewed me before Neal and I went to dinner.  I also accepted and invitation from Nealís landlord (a teacher) to visit the local elementary school tomorrow.

This was a day of good, generous people and great times. The horses are resting comfortably in a nice paddock tonight and Iím really looking forward to the day tomorrow.


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