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South of Buffalo

10/20/08 - Eden, NY - To sum up the day, it was cool, a lot of traffic, some nice people and a great place to stay at the end of the day.

Before getting started this morning, I had to do a little shoeing on Joyce and Dolly. Several people stopped by in the morning, to include my host Bruno. A nice lady brought me some donuts to munch on during the day.

I left the sportsbar at about 9:30 am and made my way south on route 20.  My first break was at a car wash about 11 am. A guy working at the car was couldnít be convinced that the horses had pulled me all the way from New Hampshire.  Before lunch I passed the Buffalo Bills stadium (it was a good thing I didnít try it yesterday, as the Bills had a home game).

A one mile stretch of road where Route 20 and I-90 intersect was under construction and was narrow, congested and a very difficult section of road to move the horses through. The team pulled it off like champs, moving through 9 foot wide lanes with oncoming traffic on one side and barriers on the other.  The most difficult stretch was the dip that went under I-90, with the heavy construction on one side, fast traffic on the other and steep grades on both side of the underpass.

The middle picture shows Clementine and I at a typical 15 minute break during the day. I try to get the horse at least 10 feet from the traffic during the break, and theyíre very good about standing still.

Iím camped tonight at H&R stable in Eden.  My hostess, Barb has been fantastic and invited me to stay an extra day to rest the team.  Barb helped me put the new blankets on the horses, as weíre expecting a cold rain tonight and tomorrow.  Frankly, I donít think the Budweisser hitch looks so dapper.


10-20-08 The Journey 002
10-20-08 The Journey 004
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