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Fort Frey

9/18 - 9/19/08 - Tribes Hill to Palentine Bridge, NY - Our day off on the 18th was truly a day of leisure. The setting was a nice farm in the scenic Mohawk valley.  While my host Randy was working on some farm machinery, I went with his girlfriend for a horseback ride around the property.  Randy has about 350 acres on the hills above the valley floor, and another 250 acres of bottom land. The hill land is mostly in alfalfa hay and pasture, while the bottom land is mostly in corn.  To fill up some time, I put a few boards on a hay wagon and rehung the front door to the house. I had a very relaxing day and the horses enjoyed the fresh graze. I would like to thank Randy and Megan for a great time at their farm. 

I was hitched and on the road  shortly after 9 am.  Lunch was on a small field next to the road.  A couple stopped by to visit and offered to pick me up some grain.

A little later I stopped the team at the Mohawk reservation a few miles down the road. I had a nice talk with the lady that runs the gift shop.

Tonight Iím with a fantastic family (John and Beth Shostek) at Ft. Frey, in Palentine Bridge, NY. Their home is actually the old standing structure in the capitol district of NY state. Built in the 1730ís itís the original fort built on this site.  The horses and I are bedded down very comfortably and enjoying the surroundings. The evening included a back yard barbecue and several friends and family enjoying the evening.

A funny thing happened on the way into town. I stopped the wagon to load a couple hundred pounds of grain. While I was stopped, an Amishman drove by in his buggy.  The horses decided that they wanted the company of the Amish carriage horse more than mine. So, they tried to follow horse back to the barn.  I had to scramble a bit to pull the team back off the road.

I had a really great time today. A little fun, some minor rodeos, good people - life doesnít get much better!



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