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Horse Ambassadors

9/16/08 - W. Galway, NY - When I started this trip, all of the horses were very well broke and completely comfortable around people.  In the past month, the kindness and attention shown to the horses have have gentled them to a degree I would have not thought possible.  They have progressed to the point where they are now truly ambassadors for their species.

The girl directly behind me in the picture above is Madison Bellamy.  Madison is a precocious, extremely brave, five year old that loves horses.  When seated on a mare as gentle as Dolly or Deedee, Madison could build a level of confidence with horses far beyond what she otherwise could.  The next two pictures speak for themselves.

Madisonís sister also enjoyed relaxing on Deedee.

The girls are Ed Pikeís grandchildren. Ed is a nice guy I met just before having lunch in Galway,  Ed stopped by about 5 pm with his two daughters and three grandchildren and stayed for a couple of hours. It was a great visit and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Iím camped on a nice piece of ground owned by Bobís Tree Farm in West Galway.  I would like to thank Bob and his brother Dave for their hospitality.

Tomorrow weíre going to run down and pick up Rte 5, which parallels the old Erie Canal.

This was a nice dayís run, in spite of the hills we have to climb. Iím looking forward to a nice hitch tomorrow.



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