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Durhamville Elementary to Lake Oneida



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9/29/08 - Lakeport, NY - Before heading out this morning, I had an interview with a reporter from the Oneida Daily Dispatch. Our first stop was only about a mile down the road at the Durhamville Elementary School, where I gave a presentation to all of the kids in the school.

I was very impressed at how well the principal and teachers had the kids organized and at how polite the kids were.  With close to 300 kids, this was probably the largest class I had ever taught.

We had a nice two way question and answer session, mixing it up with activities like meeting the different horses and petting them. A few kids got to sit on Deedee, hold Clementine and one lucky girl got to drive Joyce and Deedee all the way around the wagon (with a little help). As the kids filed out, they all had a chance to pet Deedee.  At the end, the principal presented me with a “Durhamville Hawks” T-shirt and Sweatshirt.  Visiting a nice school like this is one of the things that really make this trip special.

Bob, the father in law of one of the teachers, joined me at the school for the morning ride.  We drove about 6 miles before stopping for some hot dogs and Chicken soup on the side of the highway.

After lunch, I continued to travel alongside Lake Oneida a few miles before stopping at Cindy and Bob’s place on the shore.  Several friends stopped by to visit and bring gifts - Thanks Cindy, Bob, Neil and everyone else.

We’re now bedded down for the night. In the picture below, all the horses are visible, but the - night time stealth horse, Joyce, has only one attribute that gives away her position.

This has been a very special day filled with special people. As the old New Hampshire farmer once said “ain’t none ‘betta!”

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