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Chesnuts to the City of the Dead

10/12/08 - Canadaigua, NY - The day started off with me chasing horses.  While I was in the wagon getting things ready to go, the horses knocked over their electric fence and decided to go joy riding.  They were sugar buzzing from fresh alfalfa and oats and thought it would be grand fun to lead me on a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood.

When I pulled out around 10:30 am, 15 year old Laura Díamico and her father joined me for the morning run.  We passed through some great fall scenery before stopping for lunch on the side of the road.  They were great hosts and I was glad they came along for the first part of the day. Laura had a great time driving the team.

At lunch a guy named Paul stopped by and presented me with a dozen American Chestnut seeds. Today, (Castanea Dentata) is a very rare tree and only grows in a few isolated pockets in the U.S.  The blight, brought into Chicago via a Chinese Chestnut in the first part of the 20th century virtually wiped out this amazing tree.  In my travels, Paul wants me to plant the nuts in isolated locations. Today, these nuts are more precious then gold and I feel itís an honor.

After lunch, I passed through the city of Canadaigua.  It was a strange passage through this city of 10 - 15 thousand inhabitants.  Even though it  was a warm Indian summer afternoon, the streets were virtually without people.  Nobody stopped to take our picture and only two people waved on the one hour trip through the city.  Iím sure itís normally a great place, but I found it very eerie and my spirits didnít lift until we had crossed out of the city line. Once we were out of the city, three cars stopped to chat and take pictures and people started waving again (back to normal).

Iím now traveling west on U.S, route 20. Iím currently camped at the ďChosen SpotĒ Bed and Breakfast. My hosts have been really great. Kathy and here brother Pat from Weedsport were my guests for dinner.

This was a beautiful and very interesting day!


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