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Great Days, One Off, One Traveling

It Takes A Team

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10/10/08 - Lyons, NY - I took Friday off to give the horses a rest and get some supplies.  In the morning Brian and his father Mo took me out to the Amish community to see some friends and pick up some supplies.

First we stopped by the site of the barn raising to chat with some of the guys getting the barn ready for the big raising on Tuesday.  They were busy laying in the floor joists, but several of the guys took time to chat with me about my trip. One of the Amish men said that he should take such a trip.  He said he had the horses and the wagon. When i asked him if he had the gumption, he replied, “Well, not really”.

We then stopped off at the harness maker, where I picked up three new collars for the mares and some “Drill-Tex” to weld on the bottom of horse shoes. Mr. Wengerd, the harness maker, gave me a really good price on the collars. Out of respect for the Amish, I didn’t take any pictures.

The rest of the day off was spent getting groceries, going to the drug store, shoeing horses, visiting with folks stopping by and kicking back - a great day.

10/11/08, Port Gibson, NY. I started the day off at the Schleede farm with some well wishers stopping by. One of them, Jerry Tyler accepted my invitation to ride with me.  Jerry is 80 years old and spent his youth walking behind horses on the family farm.  He enjoyed driving my team. It was only a slight detour, so we stopped by the old family farm to have lunch. It was a great time, but Jerry was feeling a little poorly, so his wife picked him up there.

The present owner of the farm, John and his daughter joined me for the afternoon run to Port Gibson.  We had a great time running through the town of Newark and stopped to talk with quite a few folks along the way.

I’m now camped with a very nice family, about 2 miles south of Port Gibson.  The horses have good graze and I’m full after a delicious supper of salmon and veggies. In the morning I’m going to continue angling south and pick up US route 20 in Canandaigua.

This was another beautiful Indian summer day full of warm sun, warm friends and warm laughter. If that doesn’t warm the heart, nothing will.


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