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9/10/08, Whitehall, NY - I was really sorry to leave Ed Woodburyís company in Castledon, VT.  Ed was a joy to be with and did everything possible to make my visit a pleasant one.

My travels through the remaining miles of Vermont were very enjoyable. I passed through the towns of Castledon and Fairhaven. Halfway between the two, I had lunch at Katrinaís and Billyís farm.  They have a very nice looking Clydesdale stallion.  Billy and Katrina were very nice and provisioned me with a few bales of hay and a six pack of outstanding Scottish ale - Thank you very much!

When I was breaking out the team for lunch, I let Katrina have her first opportunity to drive a team. She took Joyce and Deedee for a spin around the yard before driving them up to the side of the wagon - I think she did a great job.

A couple of mile after passing through the town of Fair Haven, VT, I crossed the border into New York.  I had a really great time in Vermont, and Iím going to miss the wonderful scenery and people.  But Iím also looking forward to my trip across New York.  However, Deedee would have to really refine her jet exhaust for me to scoot across this state in a week.

Iím now camped at a ball field owned by the local Elks lodge on the edge of Whitehall, NY. Thanks to the Elks and many of the local citizens, Iím all set up with water, electricity, fresh tomatoes, pizza, doughnuts, apples and a journal book - Thanks!

We knocked off quite a few miles today.  The travel was fairly easy, but the horses are also growing stronger and working better together.

Tomorrow morning, I have to tighten up a couple more horse shoes.  The nail clinches on the hind feet take quite a pounding.  Hoof care is a constant chore when you have a team pulling a wagon on a long trip.

Itís been a great day, and like every day Iíve had on this trip Iíve met some really nice people.  After 3 1/2 weeks on the road, this seems a very nice and normal existence.  My previous life seems like a dim memory.  I wonder, is that the first symptom of an old age memory problem? --- who cares!

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