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Whitehall to Kingsbury

9/11/08 - Kingsbury, NY - Currently, Iím about halfway between Ft. Ann and Glen Falls, NY on highway 4. Itís been a great day for travel and for meeting people.  The morning started chilly, but warmed to about 70 by noon.  This is excellent travel weather and none of the horses was bothered by the temperature at all.

We started the morning at the Elks property in Whitehall with several well wishers showing up to see us off. About 3 hours later, Ed Woodbury, my host from Castledon, VT. showed up to say hello.  Ed was able to join me for a lunch of hotdogs and beer at a wide spot on the highway. This stretch of road had narrow shoulders and virtually no place to pull off for lunch.  A little later the road widened and we had a good shoulder to ride on, as seen in the photo to the right.

Just after I passed through the town of Ft. Ann, I stopped at the grain store for 4 bags of oats.  The horses are pretty well broke to the road, so I didnít have any problems with leaving them hitched up while I went in the store for grain.

We did 16 miles today, and Iím currently camped behind ďSallyís Hen HouseĒ diner in Newsbury.  In addition to great hospitality, they also serve a pretty good meat loaf dinner.

Just after dinner, a hot air balloon touched down (a very good landing) in the field right next to the restaurant. 

The evening was filled with well wishers and people who came to see the horses and wagon - a very nice evening.  I would like to thank those people (Iím terrible with names) who dropped off a couple more bags of oats and a couple of real nice pieces of pie.   Like the songs says ďAinít that AmericaĒ


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