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Starting Around Buffalo

10/17/08 - West Batavia, NY - I started the day at the American Legion in LeRoy and had a pretty good run to the town of Batavia. Batavia is a pretty good sized city with lots of traffic.  The first reporter I encountered for the day was a very persistent lady who was an independent, normally working for the “R News” cable channel.  She interviewed me at a gas station. Quite a crowd gathered during the interview. The reporter also sold her story to Channel 7 news in Buffalo.

I camped this night 7 miles to the west in West Batavia. My host for the evening was Ellie, owner of the Buckadoo diner.  Thanks Ellie for your hospitality.



1-/18/08 - Alden, NY - In the morning I pulled out route 33 West, joggged south on route 77, west on U.S. 20, then south towards the town of Marsilla. This seemed like quite a long day, primarily because most of the horses were acting up and not driving too straight.  A lot of corrections results in a lot of driving line pressure and causes my shoulders to start burning after awhile.

I’m settled for the evening at Bill and Vicky’s place, about half way between Alden and Marsilla.  Bill’s a great host and has treated the horses and I like kings. He’s also in the process of converting his old barn for his annual Halloween party. Bill goes way over the top to include a fantastic scary walk through the barn dungeon.  He uses motors and pneumatics to make his display very life (death) like!!!

Several folks showed up tonight with their kids to meet the horses and I.  As tough as the day was, it was a great night.


10-16-08 The Journey 016
10-16-08 The Journey 017
10-16-08 The Journey 018
10-16-08 The Journey 019
10-16-08 The Journey 021