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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2

10/23/08, Lamberton, NY - Before leaving in the morning, I had to put some new shoes on Dollyís rear feet. We got on the road about 9:30 am.  Leaving the Silver Creek area, there were grape vineyards everywhere I looked.

Later in the morning, Terry Niebel stopped me and presented me with a basket of grapes from his vineyard.  These grapes were from older vines an were incredibly sweet and tasty. Thanks Terry.

About 1pm we finally reached the Tractor Supply store in Fredonia. I was out of grain, so this was a welcome stop.  I broke the horses out for lunch and while there, I replaced Dollyís front shoes as well. A lot of nice people stopped by to chat and wish me well.

I cut through some quiet little neighborhoods on my way out of town. Itís always fun to watch the expression of peoples faces when they see a team of big horses walking down their normally tranquil streets.

Iím camped tonight at Brian and Michelleís place in the crossroads of Lamberton. They were kind enough to let me join them for their Thursday night Buffalo wing feast.  I have to admit that Brian and his friends are masters at the art of cooking chicken wings.  We managed to tip a few beers and sip a little Yukon Jack, so Iím moving a little slower this morning.

Today Iím heading farther down the coast. There arenít many regular farms around here, but Iím going to have to seek out someone to buy hay from.  Iím also going to have to find a source of Draft horse shoes pretty soon.



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