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10/19/08 - Orchard Park, NY - The morning started with a heavy frost.  In the early hours before dawn, it almost looked like snow covering the ground.  I was ready to pull out at about 9:30, but I wasn’t on the road until about 10:30. The only path out was across the leach field and the wagon sunk in about 6 inches.  A friend of my host was kind enough to pull the wagon out with his truck.

We stopped for lunch across from Dave’s pumpkin and squash farm. The family and employees were kind enough to offer me lunch (good home cooking).  Dave also gave me a couple of bales of hay.

A few miles farther down the road I made a turn on to a road to take me in the back way to rejoin route 20.  A mile down the road, the county finally decided to post the low clearance sign for the railroad bridge ahead.  I tried a detour through a suburban neighborhood, only to end up stuck on a 15 - 20% grade hill.  I managed to back the team down the hill (hitched up), then back them into a driveway and turn around.  This was the first time I tried the team on this type of maneuver and I was impressed at how well they did.  After unsticking us from this mess, I went back on the original road out to route 20.

With about 15 miles under our belt (harness) we stopped at a sports bar for the night. The owner (Bruno) treated me like a king (free drinks and dinner). Several of the patrons (celbrating the “Bills” victory got to visit with the horses, including Cindy who got to sit on Doc and tell him what a great football team Buffalo has.

We didn’t get as far as I wanted today, but it was a fun and interesting day.

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