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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Down the Coast of Lake Eire

10/22/08 - Silver Creek, NY - Yesterday was a very restful day off.  There was virtually no one around at the stable all day, so I wasn’t able to get resupplied.  So, I took the opportunity to kick back, do a little writing and listen to the rain fall outside.

I woke early this morning and moved the horses to some grass to give them a couple hours of graze.  The stable owner, Barb showed up right before I was going to hitch up and presented me with some parting gifts - Thanks Barb.

I was rolling at about 8:40 am.  I stopped at a convenience store about 10 am for a few items. While there, I spent some time chatting with a great guy “Bob” who worked for the local highway department.

Lunch was just in side the Seneca Indian Reservation.  Deedee was unimpressed by the sign for cheap gas, as she makes pleny of her own for free.

In the afternoon, we passed through the town of Silver Creek.  A very nice place on the shore of Lake Eire that has a wonderful smelling cookie factory.

About a mile out of town, I met Diane, who invited me to spend the evening in her backyard. Diane cooked a really good dinner and where settled in for the evening - Thanks Diane.

Tomorrow, we’ll stop in Fredonia to pick up some grain from Tractor Supply and then will continue a few miles farther down route 20. I’ve got about three days travel left in NY, and should be in Ohio before Halloween.


10-22-08 The Journey 001
10-22-08 The Journey 002