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And Now For the News

9/30/08 - Bridgeport, NY - It was a nice morning run. The sun was shining, the team was well rested and we were traveling a nice flat road with wide shoulders.

About 10:30 am we met our first journalist for the day.  Channel 9 from Syracuse sent out a Photo Journalist to shoot some footage and do an interview for the evening news.  He spent about an hour and a half getting the material he needed.

Not long after this, Deedee was nodding in the traces and actually fell down on the road.  I slammed on the brakes, stopped the team and had to undo the heel chains so she could stand up.  She wasn’t hurt or even shook up, but I guess that woke her up.  On the down side, I picked up a rub in my right front brake assembly.

At next wide spot in the road, I turned out for lunch and took a look at the brakes.  During lunch, my friend Tim and a friend of his stopped by to fix the rub in the brakes.

A reporter for the Syracuse paper stopped by for an interview before I hitched up.

During lunch, I met Harry Smith, a long time teamster who joined me for a three mile run to my overnight destination - the farm of Jack Lyons.  Harry had a great time driving the team during the post lunch run.  Along the way, we met a photographer from another newspaper.

I’m camped at Jack Lyon’s farm tonight.  The horses are out on about 15 acres of good graze and having a great time. Jack’s Farm Manager - “Cricket”  made sure I was comfortable for the night and cooked us a great venison supper.

We didn’t drive very far today, only about seven miles, but we spent about 3 hours with reporters and had to do a brake repair.  (More work to do on the brakes in the morning).


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