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Erie Canal



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10/8/08 - Clyde, NY - By 9:15 am, the team and I left the pasture next to the cows in the back of the diner. Brendaís father, Ron dropped off a 12 pack of Bud before I pulled out and there were a lot of well wishers on hand.

We drove through a couple of villages before pulling over alongside the Seneca river for a nice lunch.

After lunch we passed through thousands of acres of soybeans, corn and potatoes grown in the large bottom lands on the west bank of the river.  We stopped to chat with folks in Montezuma, Savannah and Clyde before pulling into to Fredís place on the west side of Clyde.

The wagon is pulled within 50 feet of the old Eire canal (built in the early 1800ís and abandoned around WWI). Itís interesting to note that my ancestors who settled in Michigan in the 1820ís moved west up the Eire canal from their home in the Plymouth region of Massachusetts. On the other side of the old canal is the elevated tow road which was used to haul the barges up the canal.

It was a mostly cloudy and rainy day, so I heated water on the stove to fill the bathtub.  It was a long day (19 miles) but the horses are still fairly strong, so weíll run one more day before taking a day off.

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