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A Day of Horses and Friends



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9/13/08 - Moreau, NY - This was a wonderful day off for the horses and I. In the morning, teamster Riel MacKenzie bought me breakfast at the local diner. Then Riel took me over to his place and showed me his Canadian Chunk draft horses. These were the first I have seen and I was impressed with these fine examples of the breed. They are a nice compact, well muscled horse with good looking feet.

I was impressed with Rielís collection of draft horse equipment and his well thought out and maintained facilities. Then, we drove down to Saratoga, so I could recon the travel route for tomorrow.

Not long after I got back, friend Ernie Bessette showed up with a neighbor, driving a nice Belgian/Percheron cross.

The Gates family of Mt. Holly, VT showed up for a barbecue shortly after Ernie left.  The girls, including Angie got a chance to do a little riding on Doc and Dollie.  We followed this up with some great burgers and potato salad.

The last guests to stop by were a bunch of local draft-horsemen and their wives. We had a great time, until the bugs and waiting chores had everybody headed for home.

This was a really nice day off - full of good people and a variety of good work horses, being kept and used to provide a whole lot of pleasure.  Friendships were made and cemented, there was laughter, some really good jokes and stories, good food and a few beers. Just the way a day off should be!

Tomorrow, were headed for Saratoga Springs.

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