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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
A Day of Rest In Palantine

9/20/08 - Palantine Bridge, NY - The team and I took the day off here at Fort Frey in Palantine.  Actually, I was the one that needed the mental health day, the horses were in pretty good shape. 

John and Beth Shostek took me out for breakfast at the local diner.  Most of the morning was spent cutting up wood that John had dropped earlier.  In the afternoon, I walked across the railroad tracks and took a look at one of the Erie canal locks that was located a couple of hundred yards from the house.

In the late afternoon and the evening, we had a traditional American barbecue.  I played catch with the kids, drank a few beers, had some burgs and listened to stories around the bonfire.

Back yard barbecues are one the cornerstones of American culture.  They provide a social setting that allows people to meet neighbors and form and cement relationships. A lot of the isolation from our neighbors and family that comes with our just-in-time society could be eliminated if everyone held a barbecue a couple of times a year, and invited their neighbors. If I was running for president (which I won’t), this would be an agenda item for my campaign!

We’re on the road again tomorrow.  I will miss the Shostek family and the good people of Palantine Bridge!


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