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Winter Preparations


12/16/12, Valley Falls, OR - Itís been a month since the team conquered their last hill, galloping up a sharp incline to complete trip four.  Averaging over 100 miles a week, the lads leaned into their collars and pulled an 8000 to 9000 pound load across mountains, deserts, plains and down river valleys in the magnificent American West.  Along the way, I had the pleasure of meeting some really tremendous people.

Now that the journey is over, the Lads, Jacquie and I are settling down and enjoying life here in southern Oregon  The team has a nice one acre paddock to move around in, but I started building them a walk-in barn for shelter from the winter storms. Iím a week into the project and have another week to finish it up.

After Christmas, Jacquie and I plan on enjoying a couple of days on the coast. On January 7, I start work at the nuclear plant in Colorado.

12-16-12 003

The posts are in the ground, the headers are up and the is framing done. In the next week, Iíll put on the roof, install the sheathing and build the mangers.

In other news, another teamster plans on hitting the road in February. Randy Willard is hitching up a nice pair of Belgian mares and starting on a trip from Alabama to New Mexico.  You can follow Randyís adventures on his website - http://www.wagonadventurebucketlist.com/


Wagon - Randy

Randy Willard, sitting in his wagon.

To everyone that is going to this website for news; I apologize for not providing updates on a more frequent basis.  But, I have to admit that living a more-normal lifestyle doesnít provide as much opportunity for exciting news.

If I donít blog in the next week and a half - Merry Christmas everyone!